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   China Northern Geophysical Corporation(CNGC), established by the Geophysical Exploration Academy of China Metallurgical Geology Bureau, Challenger Geoinstruments Ltd. and Beijing Co-sail Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd., is a mixed ownership technology corporation. Registered capital of our corporatio...
CNGC won the project ---“Panzhuang 2018-05-04
CNGC won the project for "Two-dimen 2017-04-12
The HILALA 2D project of Ethiopia c 2017-01-15
Ethiopia DOLO two-dimensional seism 2016-10-16
The Third Session of the First Boar 2016-09-14
New 2D Seismic Data Acquisition Pro 2016-07-06
Vice General Manager Fang Zhengmao 2016-06-08
  ·Seismic Data Acquisition  ·Processing and Interpretation  ·Integrated Solution For Exploration and Development of Oil Field  ·Airborne Geophysical Exploration  ·Non-seismic Exploration  ·Comprehensive Service 
2D/3D seismic data processing and
Seismic Data Acquisition
Airborne Geophysical Exploration
Non-seismic Exploration
HSE Commitment
HSE Management
HSE Performance
Colombia Project Site
Ethiopia 3D Seismic Project
Pakistan 2D Seismic Project
Mongolia Project Site
Guangxi Aerogeophysical Project
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